About David Foster

Graduate Christopher Newport College 87′. BSBA Economics

Currently, I’m self funding during the petition drive for 1,000 signatures. I think it is important to show how dedicated I am and the limited financial risk I’m willing to take. It takes Real Courage to step up to the plate and take a swing for the fence. I never did hit a home run out of the park during my nine years in Little League, Middle School and High School from seven to sixteen years of age. But at this stage in my life, I have been called to show my Patriotic Heritage once again. “Patriotism has huge value in personality development as a citizen”. Patriotism is the foundation to ones connection to society. Being a part of a team, a Patriot can rally people together for political and spiritual needs to affect critical changes within the State of the Union. This requires implementing new ideas plowing forward like a freight train. On the other side of the coin are Patriots willing and able to sacrifice their resources in support of the One Courageous Patriot whos ideals can take a Union of Patriots to the next level if not skip one level to get to the next. We see this demonstrated with our youth who through their hard work and dedication have skipped a grade now and then. The same principle applies here.

My first summer job at 9 years old was going door to door with a push mower and 1 gallon of gas $3.00 a yard.


My second job at 13 was delivering newspapers in the mornings, evenings and on Sundays in Hampton.

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